Fullness of Joys

26. May 2016 Reflection 2
Fullness of Joys

For over a year now, I’ve been feeling the urge, perhaps the inspiration, to begin expressing my thoughts in writing in a more deliberate way.  I have kept a prayer journal since high school—though sporadically during some seasons of life—and it’s always on my bedside table waiting for me to find the moment to reflect and write.  After praying, consulting, procrastinating, and getting frustrated and overwhelmed by the “tyranny of the urgent” several times, I finally responded to the persistent nudges from the Holy Spirit and got serious about starting a blog. Thanks to Google searches, video instructions and the help of my WordPress-savvy oldest daughter, I got started.

Why this title?  Picking this phrase made sense—it comes from a Psalm that often runs through my head reminding me of what God’s desire is for each of us. God doesn’t want just joy for us, He desires fullness of joys.  Over the course of half a century (yes, I hit the big 5-0 a few years ago), the Lord continually reminds me that he calls each of us to fill the water jars to the brim because he wants more wine at the party than we could ever drink (c.f. John 2).  He wants to give us a cup that overflows—not just a full cup, an overflowing cup (c.f. Psalm 23).  His generosity and mercy, like his love, are without limits.  Our dreams are “only a shadow of his dreams for us.”  In my posts, I hope to document and muse on the fullness of joys that the Lord constantly deluges us with here at Casa Muñoz.

2 thoughts on “Fullness of Joys”

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    Emily Holmes on 2016-05-26 Reply

    Can’t wait to read more posts!!

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    Rosi Munoz on 2016-05-30 Reply

    So glad you’re finally doing this 🙂 I look forward to reading more!!!!

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