This is my Body, given for you.

30. May 2016 Reflection 4
This is my Body, given for you.

As we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi this week, I once again find myself pondering the fullness our God desires for each of us.  He wants us to live in abundance, an abundance only He can give.  He calls us to enter into this fullness, this abundance, and to abide in it—it is impossible to attain by ourselves, but always possible through Him.

What really blows me away every time I ponder it is the way the Lord chose to share His life, His fullness, with us.  What kind of God becomes a man like us, his creatures, subject to the same sufferings of a fallen world?  Yet He doesn’t stop there.  He stays with us perpetually in the Eucharist.  He gives his body and blood for each of us on millions of altars (sometimes even in the palm of a priest’s hand) throughout the world every single day.  And then He invites us to receive Him…something we can never be worthy of, but that He chooses to invite us to.  And this is what we celebrate this week.

At each Mass, during the Preparation of the Gifts, the priest prays inaudibly, “that we might be made worthy to share in the divinity of Christ who humbled himself to share in our humanity.”  By taking him into ourselves in the appearance of bread and wine, He invites us into the abundance of His very self.  The creator bows down to the creature to gather all in Him.  No human mind could ever invent this, could ever begin to fathom it.  It can only come from God, who reveals Himself to us step by step.

As I sat pondering all of this in one of our favorite adoration chapels in the Atlanta metro area, a community of people from Ethiopia gathered to celebrate the Eucharist in Amharic according to their own Ethiopian Catholic Rite.  I marveled at how God gives himself to us in fullness in every culture, in every language spoken on this earth.  A God not only for the Jewish people, but for each human being, from east to west, from north to south.  I am reminded that with this great gift comes a responsibility, not just a duty, but a joyful responsibility of carrying the Good News, the fullness of joys, the abundant life, to each and every person we encounter in our homes and beyond.  A task impossible of ourselves, but made possible by God’s gift of His own life dwelling in our souls and bodies.

I like to paraphrase the Prayer before Communion to remind me of this:  Lord, I am not worthy that you should dwell in me, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.  He invites me to open the door to my heart (Revelation 3:20), and He will enter and dwell in me that I may dwell in Him.  With His divine life, fullness of joys is possible and quite contagious!


4 thoughts on “This is my Body, given for you.”

  • 1
    mags on 2016-05-30 Reply

    me encanta. we are SO lucky to have the Eucharist available to us weekly, even daily if we seek it out!

  • 2
    Alejo on 2016-05-30 Reply

    Good point about the different ways God is present in each culture. Jesus came for one and for all 🙂

  • 3
    Sofi on 2016-05-30 Reply

    Beautifully expressed! How liberating it is that we some can do nothing, but with him we can do anything

  • 4
    Alex on 2016-05-30 Reply

    Thanks for the reminder to lift our heads up out of the daily mud to look up.

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